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I'm Yvonne Thompson, founder of The Grafted Educator. I believe relationship building between educators, students, families and communities cultivates a culture of lifelong learners who live with clarity and purpose. With more than 20 years of teaching and instructional leadership experience in public, private and charter schools, I'm an advocate for all kids and those who teach and lead them. 

How I Support Schools

By grafting together my experiences in writing, curriculum design, instructional coaching, social studies, civic education, ELA, and leading PLCs and teacher professional development, my focus in education leadership is in growing teachers and young minds. Our roots as educators should always be grounded in student needs, trust and collaboration with each other. Like grafted trees, schools and classrooms provide the rootstock for the scions of stories that kids and their families cut into our hearts.

Through my website resources, coaching and professional development that I lead on-site or virtually, I can provide grafting tools that equip both educators and students in the learning growth process

QUICK ACCESS to the IDOE REVISED  K-12 Social Studies Standards

I recently partnered with Carrie Rosebrock Consulting to help teachers get a quick glimpse at how the standards have changed in an easy-to-use resource. Schools will need to re-align instruction in Math, ELA, Science & Social Studies with the IDOE's new standards to help students excel on ILEARN and College Board exams. Click on Carrie Rosebrock's blog for some great links not only for Social Studies, but all content areas. For more information, contact me or carrierosebrock.com.

Thank you to CIESC and WCIESC for hosting my May workshops on

Re-Mapping Middle School Social Studies! 

We reviewed resources, collaborated and shared resources for pacing and lesson designs using the new CIVICS and Priority & Reduced Standards so that 20 school districts had materials to take home to plan for next year.

Shout-out to Tim Kalgreen from the Indiana Bar Foundation for his We the People presentation on May 9 and providing resources for May 16, as well as the hospitality and great food at Clay Community Schools May 16. 

Wabash Valley Education Service Center hosted the same professional development June 27 in West Lafayette. 

To date, I've worked alongside 35 school districts as we dove into the IDOE's Reduced and Priority Middle School Social Studies Standards and developed learning activities for the new 6th Grade Civics Course. 

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